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Aero-Stream® Developed a Process to Restore Failing Septic Systems

What Causes Septic System Problems?

Conventional septic systems work in an anaerobic or oxygen free environment, promoting the growth of a black, sludge-like layer called the biomat in the drainfield (drainfield is a generic term that refers to: gravity fed and pressurized drainfields, mounds, trenches, cesspools, seepage pits, drywells and lagoons).

Over time, the biomat seals the ground and sidewalls of the drainfield, preventing it from absorbing water discharged from the septic tank. This results in many symptoms of septic system failure, including ponding, foul smell, sluggish toilets and drains, tank overflows and system back-ups. (Read more about anaerobic bacteria….)

Biomat Failing System
Biomat growing and clogging the drainfield in an anaerobic septic system

How Aero-Stream® Restores Septic Systems

Through research and development, Aero-Stream® patented an easily installed process that converts the anaerobic system to an aerobic or oxygen rich system. By introducing oxygen into the septic tank, aerobic bacteria thrive and consume 20-30 times more organic material than anaerobic bacteria.

The aerobic bacteria dramatically reduce the amount of nutrients in the septic tank effluent (discharged black water) the biomat requires to live and grow. As a result, the biomat begins to die. The biomat is further reduced in size by aerobic bacteria that leave the septic tank (along with the water containing high levels of dissolved oxygen) and feed upon it. (Read more about aerobic bacteria….)

Biomat Restore
Biomat dying and drainfield permeability restored in an aerobic septic system

Faced with starvation and hungry aerobic bacteria, the biomat shrinks in size until it completely disappears. The ground and sidewalls of the drainfield return to a permeable state and the septic system now functions as if it was just installed.

In most cases, the symptoms of failure are eliminated and the septic system is restored to working condition in a matter of weeks.

No excavation or landscaping repairs are required!

Aero-Stream® Fixes and Restores Failed Septic Systems for Residential and Commercial Applications.

To ensure you receive the appropriate kit for your septic system, please call to speak with one of our technical advisors.

Put your septic system problems behind you … call 512-651-2193 today!

Aero-Stream® System Components

Fix Septic System Problems
U.S. patent number 7,264,727

Aero-Stream® Unit: All models are certified as UL Listed outdoor appliance specifically designed for permanent outdoor use. The product is weather resistant and can be exposed to rain and snow. They have 6′ power cords and are typically placed on the ground near a 120 volt power outlet. They are soundproofed and operate quietly and efficiently, costing pennies per day to operate electrically.

Diffuser(s): Depending the septic system design, this can either be a single diffuser or an assembly containing multiple diffusers. Each diffuser is made from highly durable, porous, low density materials specific for each application. They are designed for efficient oxygen transfer. Diffusers are connected to the Aero-Stream® Unit by means of an air line.

Bio-Brush™: An assembly of Bio-Brush™ is specified for each system. The Bio-Brush™ is made from an all natural biodegradable coir fiber media. The fibers provide surface area for attached growth aerobic bacteria, which, when combined with the existing suspended aerobic bacteria, greatly increases the Aero-Stream® System’s overall septic remediation performance.

Effluent Filter: An important feature to have in any septic tank to prevent debris from leaving the septic tank and clogging the outlet pipe.

Aero-Stream® Key Features

  • No Hassle Money-Back Guarantee
  • Easily Installs
  • Free Unlimited Technical Support
  • Air Line to connect diffuser(s) to unit
  • Depending on System, One Free Refurbishment (A $175 Value!)
  • Depending on System, One or Two Year Equipment Warranty
  • Fully Illustrated Installation Guide

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